Sally Mann

Sally Mann is an American Photographer, born in Virginia, 1951. After earning a B.A from the Hollins University, it is said she took up Photography with her motive to be alone in the darkroom with her boyfriend. At Putney her debut was an image of a classmate. There was constant encouragement from her father and that was his 5×7 camera which helped her to master full frames.

It was her third collection which brought her both name and fame, named as Immediate Family. They were some 65 Photographs all of them on her family, during their vacation with fantastic childhood themes. Mann considered some pictures of her children to natural to a mother’s eyes. Though it created some stir and speculations.

Few more successes and there she was named as the “America’s Best Photographer” in 2001. Her Images are a combination of art, spontanity and some carefully arranged moments of childhood repose. They kindled emotions be it even landscapes. In 2006, Mann broke her back when she was thrown down from horse’s death throes, while resting she made some ambrotype self portraits. Such was her passion towards Photography.
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