Alfred Eisenstaedt

Alfred Eisenstaedt was a pioneering photographer known for his ability to capture defining moments in history with a single frame. Often referred to as the "Father of Photojournalism," his iconic images have left an indelible mark on the world of photography.

Eisenstaedt began his career as a freelance photographer in Berlin during the 1920s. In 1935, he moved to the United States to escape the growing persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. There, he joined the newly established Life magazine, where he worked for over 40 years, producing more than 2,500 photo essays and 90 covers.

Eisenstaedt primarily used a Leica rangefinder camera with a 35mm lens, which allowed him to work quickly and unobtrusively. This compact and lightweight setup enabled him to capture candid moments without drawing attention to himself. He also occasionally used medium-format Rolleiflex cameras, especially for portraits.
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